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Do you know when you would like to retire and how much will you need to fund your retirement lifestyle?


The answer to the question “When can I retire?” usually depends heavily on your desired lifestyle and level of income in retirement. We can assist our clients with planning for retirement and help ensure that you have the financial resources to maintain your preferred standard of living during your retirement years. Addressing the retirement needs of our clients is an important part of the financial planning process.


In order to adequately prepare for retirement, we work with clients to establish a clear idea of what their needs will be in retirement. To ensure clients have enough money in retirement, it’s our role to encourage and help our clients plan, save and invest for their retirement from a relatively early stage.


The types of issues that need to be addressed and quantified include:


- Your current annual living costs

- Your annual retirement income needs

- Your expected sources of income in retirement

- Your expected inheritances and whether or not such funds should be factored into the calculations

- Your current assets and liabilities

- Your current annual savings capacity

- The likelihood of maintaining current income levels until retirement

- Any anticipated future expenses & capital outlays, e.g. new cars, home renovations, whitegoods, holidays 

- Your health and the health of your family

- Your dependants and how long they will be dependant for

- Estate planning considerations, e.g. leaving a certain amount of capital to specific beneficiaries, and

- Your tolerance to risk, i.e. risk profile.


We will work with you to establish clear retirement goals, which in turn will enable us to develop a financial plan that is able to combine sufficient levels of income with liquidity and capital in retirement. It will also allow us to identify the dollar value of capital required and the level of annual savings required to achieve this amount.

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