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Invest wiser today for a better tomorrow

Secure your financial future with the right investment strategy

The first step in creating your investment plan is a comprehensive fact finding interview. This is also a session of getting to know each other.


We aim to have you as a client for life, as opposed to just wanting to sell you something right now, so it’s important that we get to know your financial and personal goals. We look at where you presently have your money invested, and possibly why, your attitude to risk, your expectations of return, your ability to commit to a structured investment program and much more.


Once all the required data has been collected, we will have a number of calculations to make. We consider many things when making investment recommendations, such as; the tax consequences of investment strategies, risk and return, the amount of capital you have on hand and your capacity to save money in the future, your current and future spending requirements, social security entitlements, insurance requirements and so on. There is significantly more to it than just picking funds.


We start by considering the time you have to invest. Short term objectives require low risk investments, there is no point investing in something volatile like the stock market where the average expected return over a short term is far less than the random swings in prices that are normal for such an investment. On the other hand, over the longer term the short term swings become less important, and the expected return from such investments is usually very high, so a portfolio designed with high return in mind is possible if you hold for many years and lessen the risk.


In addition to considering time frame of investments, there are also other issues to consider (for example: current economic and market conditions, interest rate and inflation levels). These factors will also assist in determining the asset allocation between shares, property and fixed income weighting of each investments.

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